How to fix “Microsoft Word stopped working”

Microsoft word, a graphical word processing software commonly used in computers, tablets and mobile phones to create various word documents. Just like other programs, it can fail and inconvenience you.
Luckily, there are several procedures that you may carry out so as to repair your software.
Ensure that you are running the latest version of Microsoft Word
This can be done by checking for updates on your computer.
You can either do it automatically or manually.
For 2016 and 2013 office versions, an automatic update is recommended since the design of the software enables it updated with the latest fixes.

Manual configuration of updates:
If your installation of the software is not handled by a group policy, you can follow the following steps

• Start the 2016/2013 program
• Click “Account” on the File tab (Office account in Outlook)
• On the right side, click “Update Options” then select “Enable updates”.

In case you are asked whether you want to let Microsoft Office Click-to-Run make changes to
your computer, click “Yes”.

Automatic updates handled by Group policy:

Serious issues may result if you change the registry incorrectly by use of the registry editor or through any other means.
These issues may force you to re-install the operating system and Microsoft cannot assure you that they can be solved.

This process involves starting the registry editor and selecting either of the following registry keys depending on the version of your software:

• Office 2013
• Office 2016
• Registry values are then examined under the \OfficeUpdate key

In case you have problems relating to these policy modifications, consult your domain administrator.

For Microsoft Office 2010, go to File > Help > Check for Updates.
For Office 2007, click the Office button and then go to Word Options > Resources > Check for Updates.
Launch Microsoft word in Safe Mode

In windows 10/8/7:
• Click the Start button and then click the “Run Option”
• Enter the command “winword /safe” and press “Enter” to get to word.
• Download this tool and execute it.
-Press “start scan”
-Click “Repair All”

Disable add-ons
• Add-ons provide you with optional commands and features for Microsoft office.
• Still, in safe mode, proceed to File > options >
• add-ons then select “Manage” and uncheck all add-ins.
• Exit safe mode and restart Microsoft word normally.
• Disable COMM add-ons

Here, the procedure is the same as uninstalling simple add-ons.

• Click file > options > add-ons.
• Proceed to manage and then select COMM add-ons.
• Disable COMM add-ins and finally restart windows normally

Manually uninstall and install Microsoft office

This is the best method to eliminate all office folders. since the regular uninstall over the control panel or using the easy fix tool through a browser does not withdraw all the files associated with the package.

It is normal for a program to fail. This is due to their configuration. By applying any of the above procedures depending on your version of your Microsoft Office Word software, you are guaranteed that your program will finally run smoothly and you can create your documents without a doubt.