Microsoft Excel: Important Things To Know

Microsoft Excel is not as complicated as most people think provided one knows how to use it correctly. In fact, it contains a lot of useful tricks and tools that can be utilized by both established experts and newbies. In order to learn and use Excel effectively, there are some extremely important things that you should know. Whether you have been using Microsoft Excel for a while or you are new to it, there is always something new you can learn along the way. As an Excel user, you can become more self-reliant and productive if you learn its core concepts, essential features and efficiency tricks. Here are some Microsoft Excel important things to know.

1. Opening Excel files in bulk

Instead of opening files one by one when you need to work with multiple files in Excel, there is a simple way to open all of them at once with just one click. Simply select all the files that you need and press the enter key on your keyboard to open all the files simultaneously.

2. Sorting data

Spreadsheets are extremely important when it comes to sorting and storing information. For instance you can sort a contact list of more than 500 people either to list them alphabetically by last name or maybe group them together by state or city. With Excel, you can easily sort your entire data into an easy to read and clean spreadsheet. You can simply drag the cursor across all the cells or just click the triangle found in the upper left of the spreadsheet to select the entire data set that you want to sort.

Click on the “Data” tab and then hit the “Sort” button after which you can choose how you would like to sort your data either by city or by name then click “OK” and your entire data will be sorted according to your preferred option. It is important to ensure that your entire data set is highlighted and not just a single column so that the rows will remain intact which means that the correct address matches with the right person.

3. Freezing panes

There is nothing more frustrating than having to continuously scroll through a huge spreadsheet to view your column headers. However, there is a way to make the column headers and row numbers freeze right where they are which allows you to see them irrespective of how huge your spreadsheet is. Simply click on the row below the column headers and then click on the “View” tab before clicking on the “Freeze Panes” button. You will notice that once you scroll down or across your spreadsheet, all the information that you need will always be within your view.

4. Inserting the current date

If you are tired of always glancing at the bottom of the computer monitor or checking your calendar in order to enter the current date in your spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel can do that for you with just one simple keyboard shortcut. Just place the cursor in the cell where you want to enter the date and press Ctrl + and that’s it. The current date will automatically appear. Your dates will remain static which means that you will not need to change even as the spreadsheet ages.

Excel can feel a little bit intimidating especially for starters but once you learn the tricks and features, you will begin to realize that it can actually make things really easy for you.