Microsoft Outlook Configuration and its Features

Microsoft outlook is one of the popular emailing programs. This program has been designed by Microsoft then installed with Microsoft Office Suite. It contains features like contact manager, journal, and calendar that assist in keeping email interaction details. Besides, Microsoft outlook helps in sending and receiving emails via free SMTP and POP3/IMAP email server.

Despite being part of MS Office Suite, it is also available for personal use. Users can enjoy the storage of email characters inside Outlook data files. These data files ensure accessibility to data in the event of internet connection loss.

Below are some of Microsoft Outlook Configuration and its features:

Social Connectivity
MS Outlook boasts of social connectors that are of great importance to professionals. This function allows you to keep track of people’s social media activities. You will be notified of any update made on their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Tracking Features

Once you send an email, you will wish to know whether the recipient has read it or not.MS Outlook has made this dream possible. It has rolled out tracking features that allow you to check the statuses of all sent emails.


Composing of new messages
MS Outlook does provide a chance of creating your own messages. This it does by availing two options. These options include the following;

  • Request a Read Receipt. Informs you once the recipient opens the email message you sent.
  • Request a Delivery Receipt. This option notifies you once the message you have sent is delivered.

The two features are important while checking the status of your sent email.

Customized Calendars
Appointments are so crucial to any organization. It is only great when they are well organized to save on time.MS Outlook calendars are very essential when it comes to managing appointments. In fact, many organizations have found them reliable in executing this task. These calendars have been modified in a simpler way to organize the organizational events.

Shortcuts ensure faster and easier email communication. This is a feature that is witnessed in Microsoft Outlook 2013. It benefits users who constantly, receive and send huge chunks of emails. By simply using shortcuts, users will be able to complete the task at hand very fast.

Quick Email Processing
Microsoft Outlook permits faster sending and receiving of emails. Besides, you can read emails using MS Outlook even if there is no internet connection. This possibility makes communication quicker and effective.

Email attachment
This is one of the most vital features of MS Outlook. It does have an email attachment reminder. This reminder ensures you do not forget inserting your attachment prior to sending your email. It is an important feature for busy users who deal with various attachments.

Stores Contacts
It is now possible to store your contacts in your email. This is a feature brought forth by MS Outlook. You can also modify the contact detail through a single click.MS Outlook is indeed a secure place to store your contacts.

MS Outlook has greatly enhanced the way emails are sent and received. It has brought more storage capacity and improved speed. All that is important when it comes to the emailing process.