What is Microsoft Publisher?

Microsoft publisher is a basic desktop publishing application similar to the Microsoft word. However, it focuses more on the design and page layouts. The word emphasizes the composition and formatting. Microsoft Publisher provides a wide range of tools for creating typographic quality images and texts.

Microsoft Office feature ‘Publisher’ is easy-to-use and entry-level software. You do not need any expertise to work with the publisher. Even the small businesses with no technical skill can create excellent graphics and marketing collaterals by using the publisher.

The publisher has some comprehensive features for easy access through a simple interface. In fact, it has batch action or bulk options to make the desktop publishing tasks fasts. The users can swap and enhance images by using different types of special effects. There are different types of tools including text effects and color swatches to get best print quality. You can buy Microsoft Publisher as a single product. It is also offered in the Microsoft Office Professional Suite.

What does it do?

Microsoft Publisher is designed to create standout graphics and layouts. Users can use easy-to-learn and powerful tools to create different types of designs. Also, you can import and swap images back-and-forth by a drag-and-drop option. The process will be fast and simple. It helps users to experiment with many images without spending much time.

If you want, you can also copy Flickr albums and Facebook photos directly to the Microsoft Publisher only by using a fast integrated search. In brief, Microsoft publisher comes with some built-in effects for your photos, texts, and shapes. By using those effects, even a novice user can create a professional-looking layout.

The publisher can be useful for small businesses and organizations. You can use it to personalize your cards, newsletters, and emails by simply adding links and photos in the mail merge features. All the personalization tools are easy to access.

In addition, it can automatically save your files to the cloud. You can consider collaborating multiple files easily by simple sharing attributes. There is also an option to email the entire public as an HTML by consolidating all the pages into a single message.

Publisher enables users to save pages to common picture formats like JPEG. That means you can easily and quickly print your photo albums and publications.


Key features

  • A professional-level effect for shapes, images, and pictures
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Imports photos from online
  • Mail merge tools
  • Default-cloud saving
  • Personalized tools
  • Importing and swapping of images through drop-and-drag feature

How to buy Microsoft Publisher

You can buy it as a stand-alone product. It will be a one-time purchase. You can download the latest 2016 publisher from their official one time. This one-time purchase will cost $109.99. Microsoft publisher is also included in the annual subscription of Office 365. There are four packages, personal, home, business, and business premium.

Compatibility & requirements

Microsoft Publisher is compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system. When it comes to the hardware requirements, the publisher will need a processor running at 500MHz or greater, 1.5GB of hard disc space, and 256MB of memory.