Have you ever used the mailing option just right after the reference option in your Microsoft word application? Probably not!You see those emails you get on different newsletters advertising products and services, most of them were done with the Microsoft word mailing option. Here are a couple of things you can do with the mailing option

You can use mail merge in the drop down icon of the mailing option to personalize letters for bulk mailings.

  • Select how you want to set up your letters; you can use the current document or existing template document.
  • Select recipients by using an existing list, type a new list or select from outlook contacts. use names and addresses from an existing file or database(browse)
  • Write your letter.
  • Personalize the contents of your letter. In the mailing option tab, check where you have the write and insert fields, select address block dialog box, choose a format for the recipient’s name, the way you’ll want it to be in the letter, select ok and do the same for the greeting line. Choose file and save.
  • Preview and print letters
  • Save your personalized letter.

The use of Microsoft mailing option is not limited to sending bulk letters; you can also use it for Variable Data Printing (VDP).

  • This is a form of digital printing used for customer relationship management, advertising, direct marketing, invoicing and even brochures.
  • In VDP, some elements of the contents of the document like the image or text can be changed from one printed copy without having to slow down or halt the printing process.
  • Variable data printing can produce 1,000 unique documents that have messages customized for each customer as opposed to mass production.

It can also be used to create address labels from a customer relationship management.

  • Customer relationship management is a tactical approach used by companies to manage potential and existing customers.
  • It employs data analysis technique to improve business relationship with customers with the focus on  Mailing Option users
  • This powerful tool is used by digital marketers to advertise their product to a multitude of people at very low cost.
  • Mail merge is used by digital marketers to send catalogues to potential and existing customers. Companies use mail merge to make invoices, envelopes, and inventories.

The mail merge feature in the mailing option saves us time and effort. It is now easy to produce bulk messages, print various data without stopping or slowing down and it helps promote customer relationship management.

Mail merge can improve productivity and help business owners enjoy a return on investment. This important feature eliminates common mistakes; boosting effectiveness by presenting a refined, personal image that sets the stage for the desired outcome.

So if you’re looking at going digital with your marketing strategy, then it’s time you explore the mail merge feature in your mailing option. Follow the easy step by step instructions by Microsoft word and you will be boasting of customers in no time at all and that at very low cost.