A step-by-step guide in setting up Microsoft Office

In the new edition of the Microsoft Office, there are still the online and desktop applications that are built-in together with Office 365, they are; Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and many more. But there are new items that are added to this list. Office.com/setup UK

A step-by-step guide in setting up Microsoft Office

In this article, we will be going through the step-by-step guide for the installation of Microsoft Office and other things that need to be done in order to have a complete setup of this very useful software. Listed below are the steps in the installation of this software and other things that need to be done by going to office.com/setup and follow the on-screen instructions:

1. To begin, make sure that you are using a desktop computer that is completely powered up and connected to the internet.

2. Next, be sure that you have with you the product Key’ for Office. There are three ways to look for your product key;

a. When your Microsoft Office is bought from a physical store, the product key should be on the packaging or on
the card.

b.If the Microsoft Office is downloaded from the online store, check for the receipt sent via email that came from the store. There are times that this email goes straight to the Junk Folder, so it is best that you also
check in that folder if it doesn’t appear in your inbox

c. If the Office software came with the computer that you bought, be sure to look for the certificate of
Authenticity’ that should be included in the packaging. This certificate will have the product key which will be needed to verify the software.

3. After you have secured the product key, keep is close to you as you will need it later on in the process.

4. Then on your computer, go to your preferred browser and type in the address bar office.com/setup’. It will open up the website for setup installation.

5. On that web page, it will be asking you to enter and sign in with your Microsoft account if you already have an existing account. If you don’t have an account yet, follow the instruction below before proceeding to instruction number

6; a. On that same window, click on the button that says create a new account’. It will then take you another screen that says create account’.

b.You can then decide the email address that you want to use, for example; johndoe@outlook.com and then click next’.

c.It will then take you to another page that will ask you to create a password for the email address that you are creating.

d.You have the option to tick the checkbox for getting offers from Microsoft and then click the ext’ button.

e.It will then take you to the create account’ page that will ask for your first and last name and then click the ext’ button.

f.After entering the information needed, it will then bring you to a page asking to confirm the characters that you see on the screen which gives you the option to either listen to it or get a new one. Once you entered the characters and it has been verified to be correct, it will bring you back to the screen on the number 5 instruction.

6. Once you have successfully entered the username and password for your Microsoft account, click on the sign in’ button and it will then bring you to another page which means that signing in is successful.

7. On the next screen, you will then see 5 windows which will ask you to enter the product key. Just type in the number and letters as shown in the receipt of the card and there’s no need to enter the hyphen). It will then be verified automatically.

8. Below, there are windows that ask for the country or region’, click on that window and select your location.

9. On the next window, you can choose the language of your choice and then click on the ext’ button.

10. It will then take you to another page that shows a button that says install’, click on it.

11. The next page will be vary depending on the operating system that you are using:

a. For PC users, you can choose to click either ave’, or UN setup’, or ave file’ depending on the browser, but all of these choices will appear at the bottom of your screen.

b.For MAC users, click on hinder and then click on downloads’ that is located on the left side of that window pane. Then double click on the Microsoft Office installer.

12. The next window will then take you to a series of prompts that will ask you to click continue’ until you reach the button that says install’.

13. When the installation process has finished, you can either choose to click lose’ or with the option to e new apps’.

14. The installation window will then be closed which means that the installation process was a success. You may now start using all the apps that the Office has in-store for you.

Now that the Microsoft Office has successfully been installed, you will now be able to enjoy the services that are powerful and useful in putting your ideas into better use by inputting them into one of the apps and services of the new and improved Office.

Prior to the installation of this software, it is best to know the system requirement of the software and what the actual system information of your PC or MAC. More – Office.com/setup

A step-by-step guide in setting up Microsoft Office

It is best to utilize this software with any project that needs to be done. It has updated tools that will certainly help you to do certain tasks more efficiently and accurately. The basic apps in Microsoft office of which we are very familiar with like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook have all got some upgrades which may make us a bit confused at first. But with continuous use and practice of this updated version, we will get used to it and be able to use it with ease.

The new apps that are included are still new to almost everyone that is why it is best to explore these apps if you have the time to do so and try to get a hang of it and you might end up getting used to it. With all the helpful old and new features, this software from Microsoft is still unmatched and still remains at the top of its game. No other software has ever come close to what Office is able to provide the modern times that we currently have these days.

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