Uncover the Steps to Set Up Microsoft Office


Uncover the Steps to Set Up Microsoft Office


Uncover the Steps to Set Up Microsoft Office

Office 365 Setup


Office 365

How to Install and Uninstall Office 365 Setup

Office 365 setup can be effective for any business with the most up-to-date tools from Microsoft. In this article, we will discuss installation, uninstall procedures, and errors during installation.

How to install

You can install it for your home products and business. Some home products come with a product key. If you have this, then first you need to sign in with a new or existing account, and then you will have to enter your product key at office.com/setup. In the absence of a product key, you can start from the step 1 given below.

Step 1

Sign in to download the Office. For this, you need to go to www.office.com and then sign in. You need to sign in with an account associated with this version of Office. The account might be work account, school account, or Microsoft account.

step 2

Once you are signed in with an account, the next step will be to install office from Office Homepage. Now you can select run, setup, or save file depending on your browser. You need to select run in Internet Explorer, Save File in Firebox, and Setup in Chrome.

When the installation is finished, you will see a phrase saying “You are all set! The office is installed now”. Then you will see an animation showing where you will find the office 365 application on your computer. You are done.

How to redeem office product key

The process is simple. You just need your current product key to get the new one. For this, you need to visit office.com/setup. You will have to sign in to your Microsoft account that you use for Office 365. Now, you can enter your twenty-five character product key and then choose next. You will be asked to choose your region or country and language. After entering all these, you will have to click on next. You will get the automatic renewal by default.

How to uninstall

You can uninstall office 365 by following a few instructions. You can start by clicking your setting and select the Office 365 setting. Now you can click install and manage software. After this, you will find a Manage Installs section. In this section, you will get remove option next to the list. All you need to do is to click on that to deactivate office 365. You will get a message to confirm your request. Click on yes to confirm deactivation. That’s it.

What error will customers face during installation?

You can do the installation following the above steps. However, you may face some common errors during the installation. Many users find it hard to sign-in. The solution is simple. While using an account, make sure that you are using the correct password and email id to your personal copy of the software. System compatibility error might occur when you try to install 365 Office in Windows XP and Vista. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your PC has Windows 7 or above. If it is taking longer to install, then check if the older version is installed on your PC. With older version installed, it will take more than usual time to install. You can also turn off your antivirus software temporarily to make the installation fast.

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Office 2016 setup

How to Install Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016, popularly referred to as Office 2016, is one of the latest versions of the Microsoft Office Productivity Suite. It succeeds Office for Mac 2011 and Office 2013. Microsoft released it on MacOS in July 2015 and on MS Windows in September 2015. It has many additional features that you will find interesting. For example, you can save, edit, open, and create files in the cloud from your desktop. You can do that directly without using a third party app to facilitate this process. It also has a search tool for commands that are available in PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and Word. Co-authoring documents in real time among users is also possible if they share an Office Online Connection.

How to Install Office 2016

The first step is logging into your Office 365 account, and then downloading Office 2016 from here. Then click on install now. Click ‘Run,’ say yes to this installation process, and stay online. You will see ‘Save File’ instead of ‘Click Run’ if you are using Mozilla Firefox. You might see ‘Setup’ if you are using Google Chrome. Office 2016 will start preparing for installation after you complete the first step. It will identify the applications that are in this Office Suite. They include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. The other apps are Publisher, Access, and Skype for Business in addition to OneDrive for Business. Office 2016 will launch after it completes the identification and installation of these applications. The process is complete, and now you can launch individual applications from your computer. Go to ‘Start’ and then click on ‘All Programs.’ Look for Office 2016 setup. Click on it, and then launch the specific application that you want.

How to Get the Office 2016 Product Key

You can find your product key on the packaging that came with Office 2016. Alternatively, you can examine your email receipt if you bought it from an online store. Enter this product key as you sign in to your Microsoft account to download the Office 2016 setup. Only then can you access the Office 2016 Setup button to facilitate the download.

How to Uninstall Office 2016

Go to the control panel if you are using Windows. Click on the ‘Uninstall a program’ link that you can find under the icon titled ‘Programs.’ Clicking on it will lead you to the ‘Programs & Features’ Panel. Scroll down this panel to locate Microsoft Office 2016. Select it and then right click on it to uninstall it. Click ‘close’ when the uninstallation process is complete. This process is a bit different for MacOS. Go to ‘Applications’ under Finder. Select all the Mac applications under Office 2016. Then move all of them to the trash bin.

Error Customers Will Face During Installation

It is worth noting that Microsoft Office 2016 will not coexist with Microsoft Office 2013. That means you have to remove all Office 13 applications before you start installing it. Fortunately, automatic removal of Office 13 is possible as you install Office 2016. Office 2016 will ask you for permission to remove it before it does so.

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Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

This policy expresses the practices implemented by Office Activate Online. This applies to all the information collected by the website. Yes, that includes bank information, email addresses, phone numbers and the like. We currently implement strict privacy measures that prevent your private information from leaking out to a third party.

We are the lone owners of this website. Hence, only us will see the information you provide us. Any information you share with us will not be shared with others. You can guarantee your information is safe with us. In fact, only the people who need your information will be able to see it. That means not everyone in the company will be able to access it.

We will not sell or rent your private information to anyone. Doing so will hurt our reputation and we are aware of how much we’ve worked hard to build that. Therefore, we wouldn’t want to hurt it because of a mistake like that. We will do everything in our power to ensure the information you enter on your website does not leak to a third party.

We will use the information for the purpose intended. For example, we will use your mobile numbers to contact you when needed. We guarantee you won’t receive any bothersome calls after you provide your phone numbers to us. Other than necessary, we will not share your information with a third party. Yes, there can be some instances when we need to share your information with another company. One good example would be when we outsource our deliveries. We’ll need to supply them your address so they can properly deliver you the item you ordered.

When you submit your information to us via our official website, not only is your information protected online but it is also protected offline. Yes, that means nobody can access it when there’s no connection to the Internet. You can be confident your information is safe with us. We are not associated with any type of hanky-panky that deals with getting users’ information. We stay true to our word no matter what happens. Our system is free of hackers as there hasn’t been any record of hackers trying to get in our system.

We use encryption to protect your sensitive information online. It can be noticed when you see the lock icon beside the box where you enter your information. This pretty much guarantees your information won’t be shared with anyone who is not authorized.

We have implemented the above rules for many years without a complaint from any of our past clients. Hence, we’re very confident you won’t experience any form of problems. If you feel that we are not abiding by the above rules, feel free to contact us via phone, email or instant messaging. Our highly trained customer service team would be more than happy to entertain any of your problems any time of the day. Don’t be shy because it is their duty to solve any problems you may have with us.

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Terms and Conditions

Microsoft products in this day and age have added an extra layer of effectiveness to administrative tasks previously prone to error and miscalculations due to them being barred of information security and integrity derived from automated intelligence. To bridge these loopholes in order to add a user-friendly dynamic to various different tasks that are needed to be done, Microsoft office, through its plethora of different products and services has set out to make a difference in the field of data sciences and the industry that encompasses it. We at www.officeactivateonline.com have, through our website set out to make these integral products and services even more accessible to the mass market that we have set out to tap into.

It is to be understood however, that all services that set out to make a difference in the lives of the people they cater to operate under some regulatory bounds that dictate its functionality whilst maintaining its integrity and legitimacy. www.officeactivateonline.com is no different to these products as services as through scrutinous strategizing, our policy advisors were able to come up with simple yet all-encompassing rules and regulations that would transmit the terms and conditions we expect our clients to expect and meet in order to fully extract the usability of our complex yet user-friendly website.

Perhaps the most important thing for our company is to prioritize the privacy of our clients at the highest possible echelon. Our respect and admiration for our clients can be reflected in our endless strive to make our product as user-friendly as possible. It has to be noted however that although details of our users and clients will be required, our company takes full responsibility of this data that its use and storage will be according to the jurisprudences of the right to privacy act. The processing and transmission of this data will be based on consent given by the user voluntarily agreeing to terms that will in no case put their information in jeopardy.

Terms and conditions as described previously are also extremely vital to maintain the standards the company has tirelessly perused for. www.officeactivateonline.com fully understands the broad spectrum of the users that it will inevitably cater to and realizes all the different variations of challenges it may face. Keeping in mind such possibilities, the company has identified concrete terms and conditions, breach of which will result in suspension or expulsion from our platform. These are:

  • Illegal activities strongly prohibited
  • Public display of inappropriate content is strictly prohibited.
  • Engagement in misleading, false or fraudulent activities is strictly prohibited.
  • Circumvention or bypassing agreed terms of service is strictly prohibited.
  • Violation of right of privacy of any members of the customer or employee base is strictly prohibited.

Terms and conditions as mentioned previously are pivotal for an ever-growing company like www.officeactivateonline.com to maintain so enforcement of the clauses will be across the board without compromise. It is the company’s right to take charge of any event that may inevitably jeopardize any member of the service base resulting in immediate blocking of the violators account. Furthermore all communication that our
service was being used by the individual in question will be halted immediately.

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Uncover the Steps to Set Up Microsoft Office

What is Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is specially designed to facilitate easy office operations and has become the lifeline of every enterprise in today’s world. It includes desktop applications which help to increase the productivity of offices, companies, etc. Introduced in the year 1990, it changed the world forever. It includes applications like Word, Excel, Access, OneNote, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Publisher. Available in 35 different languages and is widely supported by Windows, Mac and most of the Linux variants.

How to Ensure that Your Microsoft Office Setup is Glitch Free?

Microsoft Office has since evolved and launched various services. Office 365 and Office 2016 is the most popular. The former includes Word, PowerPoin, Excel, and Outlook. The latter is the latest version of MS Office succeeding both Office 2013 and Office for Mac 2011.

Installation Guide for your PC

Since Microsoft 365 and Microsoft 2016 are the most commonly used variations, we will list steps for it.

Before starting, often Office from Home products include a product key. If you have a product key, sign in to your Microsoft Account and enter your product key at office.com/setup. This will help you to redeem your key and link your account with Office so that you never have to repeat this step ever again.

For Office for Business subscriptions, you’ll need a license given to you by your organization.
Now, let’s begin –

  1. Go to www.office.com and click on the ign In’ button, with the account you’d associated with this version of office. Now you have to proceed as per your signed account.
  2. If you have a Microsoft Account, select install Office from the Office page and click on install.
  3. If you have a work or school account, click on nstall Office Apps which you’ll find on the Office 365 homepage. If you want to install the 32- bit version, then click on ffice 2016. If you want to install the 64- bit version, select ther Install Options.

This will initiate the download of Office.

  1. In order to complete your installation, you’ll have to follow certain steps depending on your browser.
  2. If you have Internet Explorer or Edge, click on un
  3. If you have Google Chrome, then select etup.
  4. If you have Mozilla Firefox, then you’ll need to click on ave File.

The installation will begin.

Note: If you see a prompt that asks you whether you’d allow the app to make changes, then click on ES’.

When your installation is finished, an animation will play giving you an introduction of all the Microsoft Applications. Click on lose.

Now, you’ll need to activate Office. Open any Office Application such as Word or Excel as soon as the installation is over. You may need to click on the ccept’ button to indicate that you agreewith the License terms.

There are also cases where Office shall activate automatically. If you view the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard, just follow the prompts you see.

In case you have a Mac, then the steps will be slightly different.

Common Errors We Make While Downloading Microsoft Office

  • If your computer isn’t compatible with Office 2016 or Office 365. Usually, Windows Vista and Windows XP aren’t compatible. This should be checked.
  • If you see an Unsupported Operating System Error, then Check whether you’re following steps as per your PC or Mac. There are different steps for a PC, and different for a Mac. You’ll have to follow steps accordingly.
  • You may be trying to download on Mobile devices or a Chromebook as the nstall’ button on office.com/myaccount is designed to run on a PC or Mac.

Errors Installing Microsoft Office and How to Fix

Microsoft Office is a desktop match productivity applications meant for use in office and business affairs. This post provides guidelines on the installation process of Microsoft office and offer help infix the problem that arises by the use of activation key.

Below are the types of Microsoft office

Office 365- is a string of subscription activities rendered by Microsoft as one of their product lines. It uses the C++ programming language. It operates on Android, Windows, iOS and macOS.

Office 2016-this is also a product of Microsoft office productivity suite that replaced Office mac 2011 and Office 2013. It functions on Windows 7 SP1 or later operating system.

Microsoft office error code

This is one of the crucial aspects of errors arising from installation.

Interestingly, there are so many installation error codes that occur in the Microsoft installer. Return code or error code occurs during reinstallation of MS office updates.

The error code installers are recorded variedly in relation to the type of windows installer in use. Some of these types of windows installers include:

InstMsi.exe and MsiExec.exe- These are standard Microsoft installers.

These installers generate error codes such as ERROR-REBOOT-NEEDED. This error occurs meaning the installation process was achieved; however restarting is needed for the installation performance to finish.

How to Redeem Office Product Key

  • Key in your Microsoft official website. You can use your registered account login or get one created if you have none.
  • Enter your product key without hyphens.

Thereafter, follow the prompts to complete the process

Failure of Your Microsoft Office Key to Work In the event that your MS office activation key fails to work, kindly follow these guidelines.

The main and most common problem you will come across in MS office occurs on the Office website. This problem is explained below.

You can only use the official Microsoft website to when activating the MS office using your product key.

Find the right product key and also get the suitable retail card for the product key. If the product key doesn’t work, it happens that you purchased your MS office online; you must get in touch with Microsoft because they are the developers of MS office.

How to Fix the Microsoft Office Installation Problem

Installation error more than often occurs when you’re installing a wrong version of MS office. The problem happens due to corrupted setup files.

Follow the guidelines below help fix Office MS Office installation:

  • Uninstall the current Microsoft office and reboot your computer.
  • In order to remove any corrupted files, you have to run your Microsoft office tool in the operating system of your windows.
  • Get the latest updates for your operating system and once again install the Microsoft Office.
  • When the installation is over, restart your computer again.

After doing this the problem will have been solved and that is the beauty of using Microsoft Office.

It’s absolutely okay if you still face problems. There are great sites which can help you with the easy installation of Microsoft Office. We, at www.officeactivateonline.com, provide all the support that you shall need to ensure the same. We have a customer support service that works 24/7 to help you solve all your problems and offer you a solution, anytime, anywhere. We will be always at your service, guaranteeing you complete satisfaction.