are first Steps to Setup Microsoft Software.

What is Microsoft Software?

MS is specially designed to facilitate easy MS Software operations and has become the lifeline of every enterprise in today’s world. for Microsoft Software Support It includes desktop applications which help to increase the productivity of MS  Software, companies, etc. Introduced in the year 1990, it changed the world forever. it includes applications like Word, Excel, Access, OneNote, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Publisher. Available in 35 different languages and is widely supported by Windows, Mac and most of the Linux variants. : How to ensure that Your Microsoft Software is Glitch Free?

Office 365 and Office 2016 is the most popular. The former includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. The latter is the latest version of MS Software succeeding both Office 2013 and Mac 2011.

Microsoft Software Installation Guide for your PC: 

Since office 365 and office 2016 are the most commonly used variations, we will list steps for it.

Before starting, often setup from home products includes a product key. If you have a product key, sign in to your Microsoft Account and enter your MS Software product key. This will help you to redeem your key and link your account with Microsoft Software, so that you never have to repeat this step ever again.

For MS Software Business subscriptions, you’ll need a license given to you by your organization.

Now, let’s begin

  1. Find the microsoft online account and click on the login’ button, associated with this version of MS Software.
  2. Now you have to proceed as per your signed account.
  3. Microsoft Account, select install and click on install.
  4. Click on install Apps which you’ll find on the Office 365 homepage. If you want to install the 32- bit version, then click on office 2016. If you want to install the 64- bit version, select the Install Options.

This will initiate the download of Microsoft Software setup:

In order to complete your installation, you’ll have to follow certain steps depending on your browser.

  1. Internet Explorer or Edge, click on.
  2. If you have Google Chrome, then select
  3. Other browser Mozilla Firefox, then you’ll need to click on ave File.
  4. The installation will begin.

Note: If you see a prompt that asks you whether you’d allow the app to make changes, then click on ES’.

When your installation is finished, an animation will play giving you an introduction of all the Microsoft Software Applications. Click on lose. Now, you’ll need to activate MS Software. Open any Microsoft software application such as Word or Excel as soon as the installation is over. You may need to click on the concept’ button to indicate that you agree with the License terms.

MS Software Activation Wizard from

There are also cases where MS Software shall activate automatically. If you view the Microsoft Software activation wizard, just follow the prompts you see.
  1. In case you have a Mac, then the steps will be slightly different.
  2. Common Errors We Make While Downloading Microsoft Software.
  3. If your computer isn’t compatible with Office 2016 or Office 365. Usually, Windows Vista and Windows XP aren’t compatible. This should be checked.
  4. If you see an Unsupported Operating System Error, then Check whether you’re following steps as per your PC or Mac. There are different steps for a PC, and different for a Mac. You’ll have to follow steps accordingly.
  5. You may be trying to download on Mobile devices or a Chromebook as the “install” button on is designed to run on a PC or Mac.
  6. Errors Installing Microsoft Software setup and How to Fix ( ).
  7. MS Software is a desktop match productivity applications meant for use business affairs.
  8. This post provides guidelines on the installation process of Microsoft Software and offers help infix the problem that arises with the use of activation key.

Below are the types of Microsoft Software category at

Microsoft Office 365 is a string of subscription ( ) activities rendered by Microsoft as one of their product lines. It uses the C++ programming language. It operates on Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS. Office 2016  this is also a product of Microsoft Software productivity suite that replaced Office mac 2011 and Office 2013. It functions on Windows 7 SP1 or later operating system.

Microsoft Software Key error code from

  • This is one of the crucial aspects of errors arising from installation.
  • Interestingly, there are so many installation error codes that occur in the Microsoft installer. Return code or error code occurs during re-installation of MS software updates .
  • The error code installers are recorded variedly in relation to the type of windows installer in use. Some of these types of windows installers include:
  • InstMsi.exe and MsiExec.exe- These are standard Microsoft installers.
  • These installers generate error codes such as ERROR-REBOOT-NEEDED. This error occurs meaning the installation process was achieved; however restarting is needed for the installation performance to finish.

How to Redeem Product Key?

Key in your Microsoft official website. You can use your registered account login here or get one created if you have none. Enter your enter product key without hyphens. Thereafter, follow the prompts to complete the process Failure of Your Microsoft Software Key to Work In the event that your MS office activation key fails to work blog here UK, kindly follow these guidelines. The main and most common problem you will come across in Microsoft Software occurs on the Microsoft website. This problem is explained below.

You can only use the official Microsoft website to when activating the Microsoft Software using your product key. Find the right product key and also get a suitable retail card for the product key. If the product key doesn’t work, it happens that you purchased your Microsoft Software online; you must get in touch with Microsoft because they are the developers of Microsoft Software.

How to Fix the Microsoft Software Installation Problem?

Installation error more than often occurs when you’re installing a wrong version of Microsoft Software. The problem happens due to corrupted setup files.

Follow the guidelines below help fix Office MS software installation: 

Uninstall the current Microsoft Software and reboot your computer. In order to remove any corrupted files, you have to run your Microsoft Software tool in the operating system of your windows. Get the latest updates for your operating system and once again install the Microsoft Software. When the installation is over, restart your computer again. After doing this the problem will have been solved and that is the beauty of using Microsoft Software.

For Download, complete installation & activate setup online. There are great sites which can help you, if you still face problems Software installation from Which can help you with the easy installation of Microsoft Software., provide all the support that you shall need to ensure the same. Our support team providing the service 24/7 to help you solve all your problems and offer you a solution, anytime, anywhere. We will be always at your service, guaranteeing you complete satisfaction.